[Bug Bounty] Prezi (map.prezi.com) Path Traversal

Dear Readers,

short story, i discovered a Path Traversal Issue on one of Prezi’s domains,

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-18 um 23.48.33


Timeline : Mail recieved 05/18/2014 21:01:00

: fixed 05/20/2014

Hi Patrik,

Thanks again for your submission, you were the first to report this issue and we deployed our fix, therefore you are eligible for a $1000 reward. Congrats!

We would like to ask for the following details for the payment:

Beneficiary Name
Beneficiary Address
Beneficiary Phone Number
Bank Name
Bank City and State
Bank Country
Thanks and congrats again!


Head’s up to the great Prezi Security Team!